Pre-Purchase Checklist

Buying home is not an easy decision. It takes lot of inspection, introspection, multiple visits and still there is something which you might have missed. So, our Escon Arena Home experts have come up with a complete checklist to help you make right decision.

Here you Go!

Land Status

  • Owned – Registery/ Conveyance deed
  • Joint Venture – Critical Clauses of Joint Venture
  • Partnership – Details of Partnership deed

Company & Credibility

  • Owners – Directors/ Partners details
  • Financial Liabilities – Secured/ Unsecured resources of funds/ Financial Health
  • Funding – Institution involved in funding the project/ customer funding
  • Infrastructure – Tool & Plant/ Skilled Human resources and other infrastructure owned

Builder History

  • Experience – Number of years in same trade
  • Deliveries – Quantum of satisfactory deliveries/ Completions secured

Approval Status

  • Drawings – Checking of Approved drawings by depptt with sales/marketing drawings like brochures
  • NOCs – Fire, Height, Environment, Pollution, National highways etc.

Location and Accessibilities

  • Connectivity – NH or other main roads/ Areas

Project Layout Planning

  • Natural Resources – Optimized Utalisation of Sun-light and Air ventilation
  • Key Site Layout – Distance between towers
  • Parking – No of parking/ flat and parking flow design

Quality of Construction

  • Concrete – Quality/ Grades e.g. M-20, M-25, M-30 and M-40
  • Steel – Quality/Grade of Reinforcement
  • Finishing – Plaster , paint, Flooring, Wood work, Size of lifts, Flat slab or sunken portion, Quality of plumbing/ drainage pipes, Precaution from cracks, Waterproofing

Facilities /Amenities

  • Security – Video door phones with security guard room
  • Open\Green area – Actual green area/unit
  • Club house – Size and ameneties of facility /unit
  • Emergency services – Availability of medical ameneties in case of emergency

It takes a lot of experience to come up with such an extensive list. We hope this list becomes your best buddy in home buying decision. If you still have any queries connect to us at

Or visit our actual site. You won’t be surprised how Escon Arena has complied to each and every point of the check list. Happy Home Buying!

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